Fishing the Moment Secret Tip for Winning Bass Tournaments Bass Fishing Video

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Fishing historical spots, seasonal patterns and what the bass fishing magazines, books and videos say to do, doesn't always put you in the winner's circle. BASS Bassmaster Classic Champion and Angler-of-the-year Mike "Ike" Iaconelli often attributes his tournament-winning success to "Fishing the Moment".

If you're fishing a bass tournament, and the fish just aren't at any of your expected waypoints, they aren't biting the baits you read were the secret lure in your research, weather conditions changed, or any other reason the bass aren't behaving like they should. Sometimes, the best secret tactic Mike employs is trusting your instinct, recognizing the patterns aren't working, and fish your instinct. Experience more fishing success, catch more bass, catch bigger bass.

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