February Frenzy: Mike Iaconelli's Top 4 Baits to Nail Pre-Spawn Bass!! Bass Fishing Video

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Hey everybody, it's Mike Iaconelli! Welcome to a brand new episode in the shop. Today, we've got an exciting video lined up as we dive into the top four baits you need for February bass fishing. Whether you're in the North or South, we've got you covered with hard baits and soft baits to trigger those pre-spawn bites. Join me as we explore the reasons behind each pick and how to effectively use them in the ever-transitional month of February. Let's gear up for success and catch those February bass together!

Ike's Gear Used:

Berkley Warpig (Lipless Crankbait)
Berkley Stunna
Molix Spinnerbait
Berkley General

Video Co-Anglers: Ike in the Shop, Tackle Warehouse, Berkley, Molix, February

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