James River Rumble - Andy Francis and Charlie Machek Bass Fishing Video

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Ike Live welcomes the 2 tournament bass anglers from the James River Open event that were involved in the now infamous Facebook post, which has come to be known as the "James River Rumble". What the anglers agree on is that Charlie was boat #1 and Andy was boat #7. Charlie was fishing the area when Andy arrived to also fish in the general area. Hear the rest of the account from both anglers and you decide. Was there a problem at all? Were any rules broken? Should anyone have been disqualified or penalized? Was posting this on Facebook or any social media a bad approach? Who was acting "unsportsmanslike"? Check out Ike's parody of the James River Rumble.

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Video Co-Anglers: Ike Live, Iaconelli, BASS, Charlie Machek, Andy Francis

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