New Molix Bass Fishing Lures from iCast 2017 Bass Fishing Video

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Mike Iaconelli welcomes bass fishing from Carl Jocumsen, who hails from Australia, and Molix rep Marco T, who hails from Italy. Carl is talking about a new bait he helped design. A topwater frog that has no legs! It's an elongated frog body with a skirted tail (almost like a rat). Carl talks about the development of the lure as well as a the awesome walking topwater action. It's called a Molix Sneaky Frog and is available for pre-order from Tackle Warehouse (expected in-stock in fall of 2017). Marco T introduces a scorpion lure and a new shad swimbait. Mike Iaconelli talks about the Supernato Beetle Topwater Lure, which has a wobbling topwater action. Mike introduced this new topwater at iCast 2016.

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Video Co-Anglers: Bass University, iCast, Molix, Carl Jocumsen, Marco T, Italy, Australia

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