New Ike's Custom Colors Available on Two Great Molix Spinnerbait Models

Mike Iaconelli and Molix have teamed up to introuduce a series of signature colors to match the foriage in your favorite fishing haunts. These colors are currently available in the following models:

  • Molix Water Slash Double Willow - Offering a compact, finesse presentation, the blade weights are specifically set to not overload the bait, and start moving as soon as they hit the water. The head is also designed to keep the bait perfectly balanced at any retrieve speed, and the stainless steel wire increases vibration and retains its shape even when worked through heavy cover.

  • Molix Venator Double Willow - The Molix Venator is built with a double density stainless steel wire with a thin flexible upper arm, resulting in stronger blade vibrations. The Venator's flat head also offers precision balance during any retrieve, and each fine-cut skirt is hand tied, providing a more natural profile.

Ike's Custom Colors

Ike's Bogolu Dace - This color was modeled from the small minnow, chub, and dace forage species that bass love to eat! This is a really versatile color that really shines in clearer water and stream and river situations!

Ike's Mud Vein - Great for extremely muddy or stained water, the orange/copper blade combination allows bass to find it more easily. Also, it is a perfect match when fishing tannic-colored water where forage species like golden shiners and roach are present.

Ike's Neon Charmer - This loud color spinnerbaits has been one of my favorite colors for many years! It has several applications. Great for smallmouth or spotted bass, the bright Chartreuse blades act as an aggravator to trigger impulse strikes - especially when retrieved very fast! The skirt color and flat mat finish head, make it a perfect match for many perch and panfish forage species that have a lot of Chartreuse and pale orange coloration. Finally, like Mud Vein, it's also an amazing dirty water color that helps bass track down the bait.

Ike's Bluegill - This color was created to match some of the primary forage species that bass eat: panfish, bluegill, sunfish, shell crackers and war mouths. The combination of blues, greens, and yellows in addition to the bar patterned head make this a perfect match for all water conditions. This is a super versatile color that I love to fish any time I’m fishing around these panfish species.

Ike's Pummel Fish - The toned down black blades make this one really special! It is perfect for low light conditions and for fishing at night! It's also a sleeper when fishing in extremely clear water!"

Ike's Purple Sinsay - This color was taken from the fact that most baitfish forage species have a white and purple sheen to their coloration, including Shad, Alewife, Herring, White Perch, Crappie, White Bass. This color is also an amazing color in rivers and tidal water!
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2014-05-01 09:29:39
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