Mike Iaconelli and Other Anglers Discuss the Final Northern Open

The final Bassmaster Norther Open was held in the Upper Chesapeake Bay, September 16th-18th.

Mike Iaconelli:

Fishing conditions different from 2009, but still tough. Last time we were here, it was pre-spawn, we had a major cold front hit and really shut the fish down, and it was tough. This year, we really hoped for better conditions, but now it's transition. We had some cold nights, the grass is starting to die, we had some salt water. So, it made it tough again.

This fishery is amazing. I like fishing tournaments that are a challenge. You just have to put your head down, fish hard, and hope to get five big bites.

I ended up 23rd, which is an ok tournament. You start out with 100 guys, and you end up in that top quarter, and it's not a bad finish. You've gotta fins something magical to catch the kind of weight that the winner caught this week, and I never found that kind of place.

2010-09-30 13:02:01
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