Mike Iaconelli Talks About Catching Tournament Bass at Clarks Hill

Mike Iaconelli here at Clarks Hill Lake, at the Elite tournament. This was a super tough week. Lakes with blue-back herring are synonymous with tough fishing, once the blue-back are done spawning. That's what we had here this week, so super-tough fishing.

I had a decent tournament. The way that I figured out how to catch them was sort of a two-pronged approach this week. Early in the morning, when you had low-light conditions, I would basically fish the flat points with a Berkley Hollow Belly, and try to catch the remainder of the bass that were feeding on the herring spawn.

Once that sun got up, about 8-9 o'clock, I carolina-rigged humps and deep points, about 8-12' of water.

One of the keys when fishing is tough, you can get little plastics, you know, use little Berkley worms, I used a Wacky Crawler this week, put it on a carolina rig and fish it slow.

The old saying my grandfather used to tell me, "when the fishing's slow, you've got to fish slow". That's true, and that's what I did this week.

Mike Iaconelli, Clarks Hill, if you want to catch more fish, slow down, use finesse and make the baits look real.

2010-06-01 18:18:13
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