Fish My City with Mike Iaconelli

Premieres Friday, Oct. 12, 2018 at 10/9c on Nat Geo Wild

Award-Winning Professional Bass Fisherman and TV Personality Mike ‘Ike’ Iaconelli Goes on a Global Search for the World’s Most Iconic Fish in New Six-Part Series

Cast your reel and join Nat Geo WILD on an urban fishing adventure in new series FISH MY CITY WITH MIKE IACONELLI.

Follow award-winning professional bass fisherman and TV personality Mike “Ike” Iaconelli (@mike_Iaconelli) on his global search for the world’s most iconic fish living alongside some of the world’s busiest concrete jungles.

From London to Miami, New York to Taipei, and New Orleans to Austin, Ike traverses the globe, stalking iconic fish and confronting astonishing fish of all shapes and sizes in the most unexpected metropolitan locations.

In each episode, Iaconelli guides viewers on an unpredictable journey through a different major city, uncovering the often-untold stories of strange and amazing fish lurking in rivers, ponds, canals and—yes, sewer systems!—of major cities worldwide.

Along the way he encounters old friends and knowledgeable locals with invaluable intel, hunts down mysterious habitats and chases urban legends, all in a bid to come face-to-face with the most legendary fish species of each city. As he winds through waterways, Iaconelli showcases the magnificent fish, unearthing their history and connection to each city and exposing their behavior, biology and unique nuances.

“I grew up fishing the streams and rivers of Philadelphia and am thrilled to team up with Nat Geo WILD to showcase the amazing wildlife that most city dwellers don’t realize are living right in their own backyards,” says Iaconelli. “Each city featured in the series is its own unique adventure, with its own cultures, urban legends, local experts and incredible species. This is truly the fishing trip of a lifetime.”


Mike Iaconelli is a South Philadelphia native who now lives in New Jersey. He’s had a passion for fishing since childhood and has been competing in fishing tournaments since high school. Iaconelli has won, or come close to winning, almost every major award in tournament bass fishing, most notably the 2003 Bassmaster Classic and 2006 Angler-of-the-Year awards.

Episodes include:
US Premiere Dates Shown

New York (working title)
Premieres Friday, Oct. 12, at 10/9c

Mike Iaconelli heads to New York City for the ultimate urban fishing experience in one of the greatest cities on Earth. Between the Hudson River, East River and Jamaica Bay, fishermen can find amazing fishing opportunities right in the city. On this adventure Iaconelli’s bucket-list fish include the striped bass — the most iconic fish in New York; the fluke — a master of disguise; and the bluefish — a prized gamefish famous for its fight. Will he complete his bucket list as he fishes through the Big Apple?

New Orleans (working title)
Premieres Friday, Oct. 19, at 10/9c

Mike Iaconelli travels to New Orleans in search of three of the city’s most iconic fish species. It won’t be easy, as he must deal with a fearsome prehistoric predator that can grow to 10 feet long, challenging weather conditions and unusual events happening in the city’s flood control system. To complete his bucket list he’ll need to explore New Orleans’ many urban waterways and revisit the scene of his most important tournament win.

Across the Pond
Premieres Friday, Oct. 26, at 10/9c

Mike Iaconelli travels to London in search of three of the great city’s most iconic fish species. One is a fearsome predator that will even devour birds, another is piscine royalty that is often known as “The Prince of the River” and last is a sentimental favorite that recovered from a devastating disease outbreak. To find them he must explore London’s many urban waterways and uncover this ancient city’s long fishing history.

Fastest Fish in Miami
Premieres Friday, Nov. 2, at 10/9c

Miami is known as the Magic City, Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world and Mike Iaconelli is known for loving a great challenge. Doubling down, Iaconelli challenges himself to catch six different species of fish: three exotic species that have all traveled a long way to make themselves at home in Miami’s freshwater canals and three saltwater classics, including the fastest and one of the oldest fish living today.

Giants of Taipei
Premieres Friday, Nov. 9, at 10/9c

Mike Iaconelli is in Taiwan in search of three species of city-dwelling fish that personify this fascinating island: a drain-dwelling monster that originally escaped from fish farms, a mysterious visitor from the open seas that makes fleeting visits to the city via a watery highway, and a true monster with shark-like teeth and a reputation for biting its prey clean in half.

Austin’s City Limits
Premieres Friday, Nov. 16, at 10/9c

Mike Iaconelli ventures to Austin in search of three of Texas’ most amazing fish: a fish so intelligent it can outsmart the average fisherman and sneakily escape, another that is so rare it’s found nowhere else on the planet, and an enormous and incredibly secretive fish that requires days of fishing to catch. Along the way we will witness Austin’s finest lakes and rivers and discover that fishing is the perfect window into a city’s history, nature and lifeblood.

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International Premier Dates

Europe & Africa

September 24th 2018 – 18:00Austin’s City Limits
October 1st 2018 – 18:00Giants of Taipei
October 8th 2018 – 18:00Across the Pond
October 15th 2018 – 18:00Fastest Fish in Miami
October 22nd 2018 – 18:00The Ragin’ Cajun
October 29th 2018 – 18:00Hook in the Hudson


September 10th 2018 – 21:55Austin’s City Limits
September 17th 2018 – 21:55Giants of Taipei
September 24th 2018 – 21:55Across the Pond
October 1st 2018 – 21:55Fastest Fish in Miami
October 8th 2018 – 21:55The Ragin’ Cajun
October 15th 2018 – 21:55Hook in the Hudson

United Kingdom

September 25thAcross the Pond
October 2ndGiants of Taipei
October 9thFastest Fish in Miami
October 16thThe Ragin’ Cajun
October 23rdHook in the Hudson
October 30thAustin’s City Limits


September 3rd 2018 – 22:00Austin’s City Limits
September 10th 2018 – 22:00Giants of Taipei
September 17th 2018 – 22:00Across the Pond
September 24th 2018 – 22:00Fastest Fish in Miami
October 1st 2018 – 22:00The Ragin’ Cajun
October 8th 2018 – 22:00Hook in the Hudson


September 24th 2018 – 22:00Giants of Taipei
October 1st 2018 – 22:00Austin’s City Limits
October 8th 2018 – 22:00Across the Pond
October 15th 2018 – 22:00Fastest Fish in Miami
October 22nd 2018 – 22:00The Ragin’ Cajun
October 29th 2018 – 22:00Hook in the Hudson

SEA & Australia

October 6th 2018 – 21:30Austin’s City Limits
October 13th 2018 – 21:30Giants of Taipei
October 20th 2018 – 21:30Across the Pond
October 27th 2018 – 21:30Fastest Fish in Miami
November 3rd 2018 – 21:30The Ragin’ Cajun
November 10th 2018 – 21:30Hook in the Hudson

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