$60 Value of Baits in New Mystery Tackle Box Elite Unboxing Bass Fishing Video

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The Ike Live crew opens the brand new Mystery Tackle Box Elite Box. This new $39.99/mo. offering comes with $60 of baits, and you can get $12.50 off your first month with coupon code IKELIVE. For an even better value, subscribe for an annual plan and get this box for $34.95/mo and you can STILL use the code IKELIVE to save $12.50.

This particular box contained some premium baits, some which were recently only available in Japan, including the Jackall Pompadour and Duo Realis Jerkbait.

Video Co-Anglers: Mystery Tackle Box, Jackall Pampadour, Dua Realis, Ike Live, Tackle Warehouse

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